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My encounters in life that sculpt me while going towards my goals

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“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded..


Who Am I

I’m husband and father for two. I come from pretty average family you could say, without too many special starting points to get myself going.

At some point I discovered and was later told by my wife for many times that I like to teach…a lot. So regarding different topics I’m fond of – finance, marriage, sports, cars, I tend to share (teach) to everyone around me but my intentions are to pass on good information I’ve heard myself. Most of the times people tend to think that it takes something special to achieve anything but mostly the “special thing” is to just start acting and things happen! I hate to see people giving up on things even before trying.

So I share my doings in hope it helps even one person to get going.

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My Projects

Different projects I’ve given possibility to be part of or execute myself


Rental income with KODA

In the heart of Tallinn lays a small village consisting of seven KODA houses. One of them is in the process of being purchased by me for generating monthly rental income. This [...]

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