Blogging has been on my mind on and off for many times during last years. So far i have not had a serios reasons on why to do it… I almost started a blog together with a friend but again no serious target no results. During recent months after the birth of our second child I did some major changes for myself which i will be writing here also but from these events i got the push i needed.

I defined some of the reasons for myself about how blogging helps me:

  • Thinking of my past, what i have done and how i got here
  • Sharing the information with others to help achieve more – at the age of 20 i was never told even little about financials that i have learnt today. This would have made a huge difference for me and by writing my findings down i hope i can make a difference in some other youngsters life.
  • Making my writing better and improving overall expression
  • Accomplishing goals – if i shout something out, i better make it happend

The initial topic was supposed to be about dad raising a kid ( our 2,5 yrs old daughter) as I try to give my dear wife as much breathing time as possible, because she has to spend more time with our newborn boy, but this situation has made a big difference for me in all areas thus the blog name : Health Wealth and Family. Now i will be sharing ideas from all these areas to be hopefully for assistance to You.

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