During school I tried different sports that include BJJ, thai-boxing, boxing and gym. Top of the list includes thai-boxing and gym as I enjoyed them the most and I must admit – liked the results. Unfortunately my persistence was not too good and I managed to work out for a year or 1,5 at most. After quitting the gym my body type made sure all the results left even faster they came so trying to start over few times failed as bench pressing with 55kg instead of 85 was very unmotivating

Time passes fast and last real exercises were done about 10 years ago. Daily energy levels are down and I could do less and less which started to bother me more and more. I know that having training as weekly habit or routing would be awesome so what am I waiting? Nothing! The decision to start training again turned into action and the next day I was at the gym with my friend.

PS-this was also a surprise project for my wife as I know she really wanted me to go back to gym. I kept it secret for almost a month but gains in weight and changes in eating habits made her suspicious so I told her. Besides sneaking in/out with sports bag is pretty hard to explain

I must have goals so first two are

  • getting back to previous shape – +8kg in muscle weight
  • bench pressing 100kg in july/august (my bp is 97,5). and yes i started training from 55kg again

In short my road to getting back to fit (fit in my understanding) has begun and i will keep updates regarding results under health section

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