Started my second month today in gym. Motivation is through the sky and energy levels keep building. Being motivated that much has a lot to do with overall changes in my life. Reading more, setting goals and etc – unbeliveable how much they matter!

Back to training. I had my chest, sholder and triceps day. Starting off with chest to put my best energy in there. For warmup i used

  • 20kg x 20 reps
  • 40kg x 8 reps

Then moved to

  • 60kg x 8
  • 70kg x 5
  • 80kg x 0 – my mind was waay ahead than my body
  • 70kg x 3
  • 65 kg x 6

But it was a win, first time with 70kg!

Proceeded to flying with 18kg dumbells. When working with shoulders i did get slight pain so i switched some excercises.

We have a sauna after training so that is a motivation booster for me also. Summing it all up : new weight record, no injuries and sauna after training equals big satisfaction.

Tomorrow is biceps, back and neck

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