After birth of our son, I took the responsibility of doing daily bedtime routine for our 2.5 year old daughter. Not so easy task maybe as it was our decision earlier to let her sleep in the same bed with us. Quickly going through internet and books trying to find any useful information gave me a place to start.

The decision was to put her in her own room but imagine being taken from Your safe place to some other not so safe place without mom and dad. To my biggest surprise it was much easier than making her sleep next to us in the same room in which we did fail…but without much hassle she was willing to sleep in her new room only with me staying there. I figured it was a big step forward and for that I can spend some time there ( about 2 hours daily)

Now in most of the cases i have heard and almost wanted to fall into same kind of thinking that this is pretty much wasted time, right? Two hours every day watching my adorable kid fall asleep. She is cute but still thats 1 full day in every 12 days gone..I started thinking that there has to be some way to use this time. Whenever i speak to friends with 2 or more kids I get the same feedback -there is no such thing as free time and that bothered me.

Solution to my problem was very simple – read, listen to podcasts, watch video seminars, think. This turned out to be one of most importand educational times in last 10 years i must say.

I went through:

  • Marriage seminars
  • Business seminars
  • Read many business related books( motivation, goals and etc)
  • Just took time to think, pray

These events also led me to solving one of my similar problems during business hours-i kept telling myself that i have no time. Read about it in my next post.

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