I’m sharing this story because it can help You with couple very important areas of life – family and work.

I remember when I had my first job back in 2002 as IT specialist and was managing workstations and servers for a large metal galvanizing company Galvex Estonia. Many times I left work pretty late – 19:00 and later like some other coworkers. When talkng to friends about it I remember feeling important because for some reason working late equaled importance in my mind. I guess seeing high level executives work late hours made such assumptions. BUT important to say is that all this was my choice not obligation!

Over the years I kept filling up my working days with various tasks and it looked like I’m constantly busy (and i probably was, trying to do all the tasks) Even when my wife asked me to get something from town, in most cases i answered :” I’m not sure, as I have much to do”. Going to hairdresser got delayed because I kept telling myself that I’m busy and will not make it – again a choice!

Last year i started reading a book regarding well known Pareto optimum or 80:20 principle and also watched few videos on YouTube. The principle be applied to different areas of life but basically it says use 20% of effort to get 80% result. I very much liked the idea and it got saved somewhere in my mind. Because I tried applying it in various areas of work it kept coming back to my mind every once in a while. (Tip: Excerise things You want to be good at or remember!)


Few months back when i was taking my kid to daycare it suddenly opened in my mind:

  • I was doing little, not so important things that filled up my day
  • I kept telling myself that I’m busy so i left out things that I thought are not important (actually were)
  • I’m not very effective

Important thing to repeat here is that all of this was my choice. I chose to do little things, i chose to think that i’m busy. We choose what we do and how much time we spend on it!

After figuring this seemingly simple thing out I suddenly had much more time! I rearrange may days and evaluated tasks I do.

I like to think about this by looking at people who have accomplished much more than me. Lets take Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, they all have the same amount of time in one day as us, (honestly!) but see where are they at! This shows how much more effective and productive they were.

Think about this if You feel like there is never enough time and really important things are left hanging…

Make these little things:

  • Write down Your yearly earnings and divide them by months or days to see how effective You have been using Your time management and decision making so far.
  • Decide to improve every Year!
  • Also watch 80:20 videos in Youtube to get more knowledge about this principle.

Now how this affects family? In every way, when You are more effective then You have more time to spend with Your wife and kids!

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