Do You find Yourself thinking why have You not achieved more or reached Your goals?

Following thoughts came from Peter J Daniels, who is in my mind one of the best motivational speakers and dream builders in the world, who has real life business achievements to back his teachings.

These ideas are mainly directed to people who desire more and want to go into business. Peter shared a simple formula in his speech to measure how effectively have we done things so far.

Firstly add up all Your belongings – house, cars, shoes, clothes, money in bank
Then from the result subtract all debt-mortgage,credit-cards, other loans
Divide the amount with Years worked and You get the value for what have You sold Yourself at this time of life when all is possible.

Bob’s life:
belongings – 60 000(apartment), 12 000(car), 3000 (clothes, shoes), 2500 (other stuff) – 77 500 total
debt – 55 000 (apartment),10 000(car lease),1000 (credit) – 66 000 total
net worth -11 500
years worked 10
yearly earnings – 1 150 – What is Bob’s excuse? What is Your excuse? I don’t have one, I push further!

If Your number is low then the point of this calculation is to push You further and rethink what You are doing and how You are doing it. We live in times where possibilities are pretty much endless and if goals are set, positive results will be met (nice rhyme)

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