Budget planning is very important skill to master as a family leader. I started my own budget already over 10 Years ago. I like numbers and working in excel so this was one thing I enjoyed doing. I have not been consistent all the time, but keeping a budget and sticking to it is important thing so I kept coming back and now I’m pretty happy with myself (but still some room to imporove!)

Budget helps You to visualise upcoming expenses and then make some decisions more practically.
Questions like:

  • Will I buy these shoes?
  • Can I afford this backbag?
  • Can I get this new Iphone 6s?
  • Do I have money at  the end of the month?

can be answered more easily and surprises that in the end of the month You have zero balance could be avoided. Also making plans like

  • vacation with family
  • home renovation
  • saving money

can be made.

Many times I have seen that after entering all numbers into the budget, one gets frustrated or sad because there is no money to save or not enough to have fun with. Well not doing a budget and “just going for it” does not help and gets into deeper trouble! If You see that there is nothing to save then You have always option to come up with Ideas to make more money. All comes down to the decisions You make!

I will be adding a post soon on how to come up with new ideas here.

Meanwhile get my initial budget here, update it and start getting used to using it. It is very very simple one but it helps to get things going!

Also send me feedback about ideas or some requests. If You have problems with money management then don’t hesitate to ask some guidances!

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