Welcome to this friendly battle!

Kaupo is my wife’s brother. We are pretty close in age and share many interest like finance, training and motorsports ( cars for me and bikes for Kaupo).

We both like decent competition so we started ths small challenge to keep eachother motivated and moving.

Currently his weight is 85 kg and mine 75kg
Kaupo can benchpress ~103 and me ~75+

Today we came up with few excersizes to measure eachother against.

1. Hanging – I managed 1:39 and Kaupo 1:13 ( i think it is close as i should wear extra 10kg)
2. Pullups – we both did 17 with palms facing inside
3. Pushups- still todo

We are planning to do a training together in about one month when i have finished my 2nd month workout. Kaupo is currently at his 3rd month.

Let us know of Your results and join in on this small battle!

Hopefully this gives You some motivation to get up and start working out.

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