Many times I get feedback from people saying that they don’t have a clue what to do or no new ideas come to their mind.

Some of the reasons that cause this can be

  • not taking time to think – to get and idea You must take time
  • stressful lifestyle – how stressful is work, home?
  • constantly busy working – get some time off work!

Coming up with new ideas requires time and devotion but this time can be fun and rewarding so I encourage taking it. Like Peter J Daniels says: “If You don’d have goals then finding a goal is Your goal” and it is the same with ideas.

What I have done is that I plan special time in sauna or in the evenings and just relax, try to clear my mind and start writing down everything that comes up. The more You do this, the more ideas start coming. Focus on what You like, what are the needs of people.This can also be fun because You can plan time with your friends for sauna and do brainstorming together.

I have one idea of developing a specific product (that i will write about in future) and I took time to design it myself. I cant draw actually but when I had pencil in my hands with A4 paper the ideas started coming and I got various visions in my mind. So if You start doing something then things happen!

When new ideas start coming, be sure to test them out against various business models (business canvas model, swot). Share with Your good friends to see what they think. In the beginning keep away from negative thinking people as they can destroy Your idea.

Also remember: Thinking big is good as small obstacles don’t kill the idea!

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