Another good week working out! I weight now 75,5kg and keep going up. My eating has definitely gone up also as portions are larger and I want to eat more often. My main source for protein is from curd with raisins. There is a nice product in our stores – Kohupiim rosinatega

curd with raisins

I get all necessary sugars from there and 30g per serving of protein. I also bought new whey protein because it is easier to use it after training. It is called Syner-6 form full-force nutrition. I get it from

This is what i get from syner:


Now to my results.

Yesterday I did chest, triceps and shoulders
chest was pretty much the same as last week, but still I felt good with results

  • 40kg x8
  • 60kg x8
  • 70kg x5
  • 75kg x2
  • 60kg x6

Second was flying with dumbbells for streching

Today was biceps and back + training for our small competition by hanging
biceps felt stronger after one week so i did

  • 8x 30kg
  • 6x 30kg
  • 6x 25kg
  • 5x 25kg

and for second exercise dumbbells(weight for one hand)

  • 7x14kg
  • 6x14kg
  • 5x14kg
  • 8x10kg

Enjoy Your exercise and good health!

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