Taking time off is very crucial to success in your daily work. It may seem sometimes that taking time off equals to wasting time but this is not the case. I will share few situations what I have gone through and what I’ve learnt.

I wrote a little about time management here and the same situation is what made me learn about the necessity of correct rest. I had a period of time when I came home after work and felt pretty exhausted. First thing that came to my mind was – I need to rest which was correct so I put all my things down, had a quick bite and sat down in front of my beloved home cinema screen. The movies were great but when waking up the next morning I did not feel much better. Actually weeks after weeks I felt more and more tired because I totally underestimated the correct importance of rest. I figured in my head: “what is going on?, I’m getting the rest but nothing is improving”.

Well the case is that I was working behind computers during the day and continued the same thing at home – watching the screen during evening. My brain wanted to turn off but I did not give it a chance. Then I did something that felt so wrong or controversial – I changed to running clothes, took my dog and went for a run. I remember all the daily thoughts running around in my mind without the end. First time I ran for 3 km and for my surprise when I got back home I felt better! Tired but better. Then I figured out that my body needs different kind of exercise (working is kind of exercise for the body also) so I started running daily. I felt better when weeks passed and at one point I switched to very basic exercises at the gym. I’t may seem like I took time away from resting by going out and doing more but actually I balanced the body and mind! Now I work out three times a week and feel great! (maybe adding another 2 days for running)

me and dog

I have encouraged friends who say they are tired constantly to start moving and exercising and many times the answer is – “I can’t, I’m tired, I will be more tired then” but this is the thing that must be overcome. Importance of rest cannot be underestimated! Of course if You are tired from hard physical work then You might want to lay down and listen to nice music and get more sleep.

For conclusion – If You want to be more productive then one part of Your tight schedule must be resting so take time off and refuel Your body!

take your rest

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