We don’t all have the same starting points in our lives towards successful goals. Some are born into poor family with not many connections and funds therefore harder to get started. Others are born into wealthier families where thanks to money and connections the possibilities are easier to come. Either way You should not let Yourself down if you have to start at a harder level because all the work and effort you put into education, learning to stay motivated and push forward is the same that makes Your success rate much higher! Also You will be stronger against upcoming hard times and sometimes even pass them without being bothered too much.

Quick intro of my starting point:

Most of my childhood I lived with my mom in a 24 m2 apartment and I can’t say that we had too much of anything but she did all she could to raise me up well. I started living in my own place at the age of ~14 and I consider these times were what pushed me to grow up faster. School degree was in computers and networking but I can’t say that I got much from there because of low technical level they had but I can’t zero it out because it was still a place for many experiences – social, practical and etc. Now the first real job I got was with some help – my dad set me up as IT support at his customers place. I remember the first day as there was no one to assist me on what systems existed and exactly what I had to do – i was pushed into water with no one to help as they say

Building myself up

From there on I spent months learning the systems and testing various methods for managing and improving them. Sometimes broke few things but did some more learning and got everything working again. This all was hard but it gave me a very good competence level. Then by learning on how to set up stable systems I started to have little more time and I could use that to start thinking about going into business (be sure to discuss such time usage with your manager!). So while still working I did my first company that I used to offer small services for my friends and sell some pc components. Just a feel of what buying, selling is like.

7 years later I left this company but continued to offer my services through another IT company. This gave me bigger opportunities financially as mostly it is more useful to offer services as a company not private person.

It was not until third employment when I started to think more about being responsible for my own time and started generating different ideas. With first idea – a server parts store, I can say I failed but got some online marketing experience. I did not let it bother at all and came up with more ideas of which one was just a fun thing to do at first but turned out to be a successful business – making peoples homes smart. (http://www.indome.ee)

Brief description of starting my business:

  • developed the idea
  • teamed up with my cousin – good partners are nice to have but make sure You have control of the business
  • bought a test set of devices
  • made a distributors contract with developer
  • started selling, advertising

Just from the idea we managed to build a company that doubled in turnover each Year (3 years in a row) and hopefully does the same for 2016. I must say that we did not have much starting capital at all so this is is not a game stopper! I count this as one of my successful ideas and It sure gave a big confidence boost for the future.

Few key points to take from this for Your success

  • take time to think – get the ideas flowing
  • analyze Your idea and do it!
  • don’t give up!
  • if it does not work then You are one experience richer!
  • start again


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