Started my week 12 with very motivating training session. Because last week did not show much improvement I was not sure what would happen this week but those little cells were fixing themselves i guess because they are back stronger than before.

I started off with bench pressing of course and reps were as follows

  • 40kg x10
  • 60kg x8
  • 70kg x6
  • 80kg x2 new high point!
  • 75kg x2 or 3
  • 60kg x8

Flying with dumbbells (weight = single)

  • 15×8
  • 18×8
  • 20×8
  • 18×8

Shoulder press with machine

  • 20kgx8 + the machine itself
  • 30kgx8
  • 35kgx8
  • 20kgx8

I’m not writing down all the exercises but only these were i want to track weight! (also did triceps push down with bar and rope)

My weight is same – 75,5kg

To reach my goal I think I should be able to bench press 95 kg about 6 times. Long way but there are 3-4 months to go.

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