Would You like to have higher salary? Probably most of us would like that but not too often do anything about it. If You work in a company that raises salary every year at least as much as inflation is then that is something already but getting more is better, right? I have been on a side of employee and and employer and I have seen that many times employees don’t really understand why their management acts like they do.


Employee side

Employee comes to work from 9 to 5 and expects to get payed no questions asked. As living costs or spending habits go up, amount of free money goes down. Maybe the rent increases or electricity price goes up and that eats away all the money, whatever the reason is one wants to have more financial freedom. Many times people think about bigger salary but never get to asking so simple rule here is- If you don’t ask then You don’t get!

Now when You get to asking then it is important how You do it! It is not good to go and ask more salary just because I want more (and that what happens many times) Also to many managers reasons like “expenses have gone up” does not do the trick also. Remember it is a business and most likely management wants to get the money back that they spend.

  • Try going to management with some solid ideas how to improve some processes that would generate more profit for thecompany
  • offer some tasks that You would handle after getting higher paycheck that really makes the difference for the company
  • Think of ways how company can save up some costs (even after paying You more)
  • come up with a bonus system that works for both sides ( i know this is up to employer but You want more, right?)
  • choose correct time – as in relationships, timing is everything
  • test out Your speech!

In these cases You have much bigger chance of getting a raise or even a promotion!

Employer side

Employer actually holds the responsibility of Your life on his shoulders. He risks and takes responsibilities to make his life better but also to help You pay for rent and get food on the table. When You ask for a raise then know that company has to pay almost the same amount as taxes every month. So 100€ raise means almost 200€ expense for the company. One employee with this raise might mean very soon the same for everyone as people are curious and share their salaries…

I have seen complaints towards owners because their bank account has some seemingly high amount of money but again think about it the other way around. The owner might plan savings for emergency cases maybe one year in front. He calculates rent, utilities, salaries and etc and this all is to keep company alive during hard times.

Think about these few thoughts and share your experience.

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