I have been going to gym now for about 1,5 months. Gained 4-5 kg of weight and lots of energy. (form 71-75,5kg) Currently it is very motivating to go as every time some specific muscle group has developed more power.

Today’s results in bench pressing are here (check out last week)

  • 40kg x8
  • 60kg x8
  • 70kg x6
  • 80kg x2
  • 75kg x4
  • 70kg x4

Flying with dumbbells (weigh =single)


  • 18kg x8
  • 22kg x6 – new high point
  • 18kg x6
  • 18kg x8

Last week:

  • 15×8
  • 18×8
  • 20×8
  • 18×8

Shoulder press with machine


  • 30kg x8 (15kg on each side + machine weight)
  • 40kg x8
  • 45kg x8
  • 50kg x4 – new high point



  • 8x
  • 8x
  • 8x
  • 5x

Before I could not do this as last exercise as was too tired so improvement here also!

If You haven’t started already then make the time and start exercising now!

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