There has been a long pause but only in writing. All the results have climbed quite a bit so lets start with bench press as this is the main deal currently

This weeks results in bench pressing are here 

Added better warm up exercises that helped a lot against shoulder pain!

  • 40kg x8 – warm up
  • 60kg x8
  • 80kg x6 – new high
  • 90kg x1 – new high
  • 65kg x6
  • 60kg x4

Triceps has developed quite a bit also. I’m using exercise shown on the picture with extra weight!:

  • 8x25kg
  • 7x25kg
  • 8x15kg
  • 8x15kg


I’m currently 76kg +/-1kg

Looking at my previous results done 10years ago I can say that strength wise I’m back at the same level with only 2,5 months! Muscular mass wise I have still improvement but summer is far away…

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