It has been a while since last posts and much has changed. I decided to change the concept a bit and probably not write as often as i did in the beginning 🙂 (newcomer excitement) This will be a life diary type writeup about my goals and family. So in some 20 years I could read it myself or hopefully give someone couple of positive pushes…

But some of the topics where I left off:

Training – I have changed the tactics a bit thanks to this guy on youtube : AthelanX
Now i try to do all reps till failure after i have finished warmup. so if i do 4 sets all are till failure. The results I will share soon but I can say that shoulder that has been my weak spot is now one of my strongest spots

Financial goals
As an intro we have purchased a part of small apartment building for rental or selling reasons. Sold our house for pretty simple reason – get out of debt
I will try to manage all future deals by staying out of debt as private person and as much as possible as company also. Our monthly payment to bank was small but still feels good to set all that money aside for investing instead of spending (i do call owning a house spending).

Many investment goals go toward aproject by which I will be writing a lot also

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