We gout our first bigger loan when we purchased our home in 2010. At that time I had a specific amount in my head which we wanted to spend max for loan servicing monthly – around 350 eur. It is not too much probably today but I constantly had this thing in my head..something bothering even when the amount did not play very big role in day to day living
There are different teachings about taking a loan or not – which is better. Hard to say as we would not be in the same position today when we had not purchased the house back in 2010 and sold it now. It gave us lot of experience, things to discuss about and a good position to move on from today. Key thing is definitely how much strain You put on yourself monthly. Seems like a simple thing but i think it gets violated all the time ( and i have done it with credit cards and before)

When listening to another video from Peter J Daniels (lots of them on Youtube!) I heard a few key points from him
1.get out of debt and stay out of debt
2.never put your home as a collateral
3.dont get involved in a loan where debt can expand – basically home loan thanks to euribor is this kind of loan

again I’m not against loan and I will use it in future through company but this gave me much to think about

Now what…no commitments, no credit cards – after setting some goals! My advice here is to set clear goals. Again nothing new but most fail to do it. Don’t just continue doing what You do every day but set Your targets!

Few things that I’m moving towards
1. real-estate investments – check out www.kodasema.com. + apartments renovating and renting. I will do a separate writeup on this
2. crowdfunding – probably in a smaller scale but I just want to try it out
3. my own all weather portfolio as much as it is possible now in stock market. I cant beat the system so I will just try to follow it long term

Meanwhile enjoy the end of our summer

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