Firstly I’m launching new site design and getting all the content up to date. The idea was to make it more personal and also share my portfolio. There is much work to do but Im getting there slowly…

I’ve been working with KODASEMA.COM project for few months now consulting with innovative technology and somehow it seemed like a logical next step to get involved more by getting my own KODA. The first Koda Stay village has been set up in centre of Tallinn about a month ago and it looks awesome!

One idea behind the village is to offer investors possibility to get innovative rental property in a very good area – city center

For Airbnb customers KODA is awesome place to stay with fast access to old town and different sight seeings.

KODA will bring steady monthly income for me to get closer to my 20k monthly goal. I will be making a graph of monthly passive income to share and hopefully be of a motivation to you.

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