To grow my real-estate portfolio through sales or fast rent I decided to get an apartment in I’m also involved in developing smart home system in those houses so it was good to get more involved. Also the development itself is in a very sweet sport – close to Airport of Tallinn and bus station.

Currently fourth level is built but here’s a picture of our apartment behind the blue curtain. It is interesting to follow the build and also do a project in the same house.


There will be a special system for airbnb and visitors for easier and faster access to flats- USSbnb. More info about this coming soon.

With daily rent my yield calculations go well over 7% but real life will tell.

Apartment itself is 48m2 and 11m2 balcony.


As of targets for 2018 the main goal is to achieve a 1mln € portfolio. Currently I’m about 30-35% there.




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