I wanted to differ from average rental apartment projects so me and my business partner decided to offer more exclusive places to stay. As I already got one apartment in Kalevi panorama we decided to get rest of the apartments on the same floor so we will be running 4 apartments all nicely decorated and waiting business customers. I will introduce the concept soon but I will create something that is not done in rental apartments ūüôā

I have not traveled too much in airbnb apartments but I will take something from all experiences and try to create a better version of stay in Comfy Holiday. We will have also plans with www.kodastay.com people regarding managing everything professionally

There will be three 2 room apartments and one three room apartment. All equipped with stylish design elements. Also with my background I cant leave out some nice automation gadgets. We have not decided regards making sauna into one of the apartments, It seems like a really nice addition specially during winter but lets see. Ideally I would like to have also one apartment somewhere on the top with fancy view…we’ll see


The location is under development but I think it is pretty good as it is right next to bus terminal and not too far from airport. Because of recent connection with trams it is really simple to get wherever You need: airport-apartment-city


As of my previous post regarding development apartment, I have decided to sell it as things are piling up and I think it is wise to choose where to put my energy. We are also building a new home for our family and that will take quite a bit of time away. I will be starting updates about this in a separate post to pass on all interesting findings You can get in a house built at ~1940


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