I have been going to gym now for over 2 years. Weight is up about 7 kg and target for 100kg bench press was passed some time ago. Pb is at 115kg today which is out of balance as squats are at 100kg only. I started normal leg days only ~6 months ago- enough of skipping leg days!

Then few weeks ago I was invited to try out crossfit and I thought why not….some change is good. Very first thing i saw at crossfit is community type of attitude- everyone was cheering and friendly. Gym tends to be more show off kind of place ( can’t deny the same about me).

The very first workout was a group workout with partner. All excercises had 100 reps so 50 for each.I could choose between three weight or difficulty levels and easyest sounded good for beginning. Workout had 6-7 different excersises and total time to complete was 40 minutes. And where they hard 40 minutes…weight did not seem to be that bad but cardio just didnt hold up. Average heartrate was through the sky throughout all training. And i did not complete all the excercises as time ran out:)

nevertheless first impressions were good! It was hard but hey- no pain no gain

I did the same routing at the end of the week and finished all in 39.xx minutes at average heart rate of 157bpm.

Today was my 7th training at crossfit and it was challenging again. We had 2 wod’s

1. 150 heavy ball throws for benchmarking. I did a second level this time which meant 7kg ball. In sets of 10 if finished in 10:56 a time to beat in few months!

2. was more complex. I cant tell all the names of excersises yet but it was something like

10x jumping knees to elbows in horizontal

20x burpees( jumping up from pushup position)

30x situps

40x pushups

50x squats

40x pushups

30x situps

20x burpees

10x knees to elbows

All this took 13.xx – cant remember now but better times were under 10 minutes:)

Heres a picture of one of thebest crossfitters Matt Fraser

Long ways to go for me but this cardio and workout for legs is only good:)

Come and check out http://www.crossfitim.com

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